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Waterman Tree Co offers crown thinning in Hitchin and throughout Hertfordhire that makes a real difference to the health, strength, and appearance of a tree without altering the size and height. The goal of tree thinning is to reduce the number and thickness of the tree branches in the crown. Crown thinning trees allows more light to come into the core of the branches to enhance the growth of leaves and stems. It also allows more air to circulate, which reduces fungal and pest problems

The growth of a tree can be altered by removing or cutting branches, therefore a valid reason should always justify any pruning or branch removal This could be to remove a hazardous or dead branch or one that is rubbing against something, or in some cases to allow light or air greater reach into the tree’s crown or the area below and surrounding the tree.

Tree Pruning can be carried out at any time of the year, however, to maximise growth and minimise harm to the tree the best time of year to prune is before spring when its biggest growth flush occurs. Following this period it is advisable not to prune heavily as removal of the new shoots and foliage at this time can cause stress to the tree.

Amounts to remove during pruning are dependent on the species of tree, its age, and size in addition to the objective for the reduction Mature trees don’t take as well to larger amounts of removal as younger trees can, and it is worth remembering that a tree will recover quicker from the removal of several small limbs than from one large single one.

Crown Thinning Benefits Include

– Helps prevent fungal infection and disease
– Allows more light to penetrate through the canopy
– Keeps fruit trees productive and flourishing
– Improve the structure and form of the tree

We have carried out work for a host of commercial and domestic clients, we can help you with all the aspects of tree surgery. Please feel free to get in touch for a no-obligation quotation.

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Each job is planned as one would expect and all risks assessed; which is why we carry out an on-site risk assessment upon arrival of each site every day.

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All of our staff are fully qualified and have many years experience. We hold CS30/31 CS38/39 Emergency first aid training &
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Waterman Tree Co. are fully insured and with up to £5 million worth of public liability insurance.

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We recycle100% of all our waste, which is then taken to power stations to generate carbon-neutral electricity.