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Do you require Crown Lifting or Crown Raising in Hitchin?
Crown lifting or “crown raising” is a skilled technique of increasing the clear space below the foliage of a tree, it involves the process of removing lower branches of trees so that space underneath is of the desired amount. It’s a common method of keeping a good tree but making it fit in with the environment in a more practical way.

This is often necessary for access purposes such as enabling clear sight along roads, making space in your garden, clearing pathways, playgrounds, and car parks. Overhanging branches can cause safety issues for drivers and pedestrians, luckily, trees don’t always need to be felled to stop them from being an obstruction. A simple crown lift might be the solution to all of your problems.

Crown lifting or “crown raising” can usually be performed at any stage in the tree’s life, however, the best tree management is to help the tree grow into a practical shape from its youth. Early crown lifting means little or no scars on the tree and may prevent the tree from needing further crown lifting in the future.

Crown Lifting Benefits Include

– Increased light for better grass growth and planting at lower levels
– Increased mobility under trees for mowing & pedestrian/vehicles
– Clearance for cars parked in a driveway
– Enhanced safety for pedestrians

We have carried out work for a host of commercial and domestic clients, we can help you with all the aspects of tree surgery. Please feel free to get in touch for a no-obligation quotation.

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Each job is planned as one would expect and all risks assessed; which is why we carry out an on-site risk assessment upon arrival of each site every day.

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All of our staff are fully qualified and have many years of experience. We hold CS30/31 CS38/39 Emergency first aid training &
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Waterman Tree Co. are fully insured and with up to £5 million worth of public liability insurance.

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We recycle 100% of all our waste, which is then taken to power stations to generate carbon-neutral electricity.