Professional Crown reduction in hitchin

Encourage new growth in a declining tree


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Waterman Tree Co provide expert crown reduction in Hitchin and throughout Hertfordshire, this is an important part of tree maintenance and reduces the shape and size of the tree, this is most often applied when a tree has grown too large for its surroundings. Crown reduction is NOT tree topping or tree lopping, it reduces the weight of the tree and can prevent dangerous snapping in poor weather conditions, and is preferred to topping/lopping, because it leaves the tree in a more natural look, minimising the need for more future work.

Crown reduction should not be used to reduce the chances of the tree blowing over in a storm. Crown Thinning is the preferred method to minimize reduce storm damage of an otherwise structurally fine tree. Crown reduction can be considered when the root system of a large maturing tree has substantial decay making it potentially hazardous.

We are happy to make recommendations for the percentage of reduction required. Our priority is ensuring the health of the tree is maintained whilst achieving the best structural results. We offer a free assessment and estimate on all services in crown reduction in Hitchin & across Hertfordshire.

Crown Reduction Benefits Include

– Prevent major damage in stormy conditions
– Prevent property damage
– Encourage tree growth
– Improves the look and basic appeal of your tree

We have carried out work for a host of commercial and domestic clients, we can help you with all the aspects of tree surgery. Please feel free to get in touch for a no-obligation quotation.

Why choose Waterman Tree Co.?


Health and safety is our top priority

Each job is planned as one would expect and all risks assessed; which is why we carry out an on-site risk assessment upon arrival of each site every day.

Fully qualified staff

All of our staff are fully qualified and have many years of experience. We hold CS30/31 CS38/39 Emergency first aid training &
LANTRA Tree inspection qualification.


Highly recommended - 5* review status

We’re highly recommended in Hitchin and across Hertfordshire, holding a 5-star review status on Google & Facebook

Insurance for peace of mind

Waterman Tree Co. are fully insured and with up to £5 million worth of public liability insurance.

Environmentally responsible

We recycle 100% of all our waste, which is then taken to power stations to generate carbon-neutral electricity.