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Waterman Tree Co are stump grinding and tree stump removal experts in Hitchin and throughout Hertfordshire.Tree stumps are the ugly remains of tree trunks left in your garden after a tree is removed, they can change the look of your landscape and can be a safety hazard, and limit the area available for planting. We provide a solution to your unsightly tree stumps with our stump grinding service in Hitchin and across Hertfordshire.

Stump grinding is the removal of the tree stump that is left behind from a felled tree to an agreed depth using a stump grinding machine. For removing tree stumps our tree surgery team uses the FSI B20 stump grinder which is compact and balanced and can grind down all types of tree stumps. After a tree is removed, the last thing to do to ensure it doesn’t grow back is to remove the stump left in the ground. We can remove any number of stumps in one visit, and we can do this after we have felled a tree or as a stand-alone service for trees that have already been removed. Stump grinding is the process of grinding out a tree stump to a depth of approx 6-12 inches under the ground’s surface using a specialist stump grinding machine, Tree stumps close to properties often cause damage and can be difficult to remove without making the problem worse.

How does Stump Grinding work?

A stump grinder works away at the tree stump that’s left after a tree has been felled. All stump grinders use a powerful, rotating blade that rips into the wood as it turns. The blade’s teeth cut the stump wood into small pieces. The machine blade is guided over the tree stump as the blade reduces the wood to chips, and takes the stump down to well below ground level.

Who should operate a Stump Grinding Machine?

While stump grinders can be hired, it is highly recommended that you enlist the help of experienced and professional tree surgeons such as Waterman Tree Co. Stump grinders are dangerous machinery if not operated by trained professionals who are confident in using this machinery. As with most heavy, powerful equipment, the chance for injury is high. Homeowners should be sure of their skills before hiring a stump grinder.

In addition to working the machine itself, operators need protective equipment to protect them from noise and from flying debris. Debris can be sharp pieces of wood, but also anything else that might be hiding in the ground: old fence posts, bricks, glass, nails, etc. Our experience in providing stump grinding for both domestic and commercial clients for more than twenty years means we can ensure tree stump grinding is done in the safest and most responsible way.

– We have the right tools to grind a stump to the roots so that your lawn grows back beautifully.
– Stop Stump Sprouting
– Can stop disease spreading to other trees and plants

Our method of stump removal is assured to create minimal disruption with the most effective results. The cost of stump grinding depends on a few things, namely the size of the stump, also the species of tree – whether it is hardwood or softwood. But you can rest assured that we offer some of the most competitive rates for stump grinding that you will find.

If you are looking to get rid of an unsightly tree stump from your garden that is taking up precious space, in the beautiful historic market town of Hitchin or across Hertfordshire, please feel free to contact Waterman Tree Co – even if you need some friendly advice – were here to help.


We have carried out work for a host of commercial and domestic clients, we can help you with all the aspects of tree surgery. Please feel free to get in touch for a no-obligation quotation.

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Each job is planned as one would expect and all risks assessed; which is why we carry out an on-site risk assessment upon arrival of each site every day.

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All of our staff are fully qualified and have many years’ experience. As an Arboriculture Approved Contractor, we are also CHAS & SAFE Accredited and our staff are CRB Checked and hold CSCS cards.


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Waterman Tree Co. are fully insured and with up to £5 million worth of public liability insurance.

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We recycle 100% of all our waste, which is then taken to power stations to generate carbon-neutral electricity.